Who We Are

A funny twist to “The old bull and the young bull” parable –


The story of The Marketing Department at Falls River Square actually begins 18 years ago with a kid in a Hawaiian shirt and a man in a suit. That’s a funny story that needs to be shared at another time. This “twist” to the old tale goes like this. The kid and the business man, over the years, became great friends. They each went their separate ways in business always trying to get ahead. They continued to do their own version of climbing the corporate ladder…successful by most folk’s standards but unfulfilled by their own. Many lessons were learned over the years as that relationship evolved. The old bull was fulfilling his role as the mentor as the young bull was now mentoring his own herd. After many years of sales, management, business and leadership development they found themselves banging their heads against the corporate wall. The two old friends often got together for brainstorming sessions. During one of those conversations it was decided that no longer did they wish to utilize their skills in the corporate landscape. They simply had to figure out how to explore their intense passion for the true American dream… entrepreneurship. What better way for them to step into what they had always wanted, their own business, than to help others start and grow their own. They teamed up with an international team of marketing professionals and the best creative group in the business. With their rich, combined experiences of triumph and failure they bring a unique perspective and compulsion to aid the small business person. The “old bull” with his old school style and charm and the “young bull” full of energy and progressive ideas are just crazy and talented enough to believe they can make a difference. This is where they are supposed to be…together with you bringing YOUR dreams into reality. We find ourselves at the top of that hill about to mosey through the pasture again. Come with us.

Armed with wisdom and creativity we are proud, excited, and ready to make incredible things happen with our partners. The saying goes that no one will work harder for you than you. We aim to disprove that theory every day.