What We Do

Brand Identity Consultation

Brand Creation & Management

Your brand is your reputation in the marketplace. Your brand is how your consumers identify you, and can be a driving force in earning their trust. Whether managing your existing brand, or creating a whole new one, The Marketing Department at Falls River Square will ensure that your brand creates a reputation that you can be proud of.

Marketing Strategy Management

Marketing Strategy Development

Having a clear and decisive marketing strategy is paramount in today’s economy. The Marketing Department at Falls River Square will cut through the red tape, and demystify today’s market. We will help you find your target demographic and determin how to reach them! 

 Inbound Marketing Strategies

inbound marketing

You offer great services, and you have great content to share with the world, but how do you get people to see it? Inbound marketing is the practice of placing content in such a way that it attracts your target audience, so that you can gain the clients you deserve! The Marketing Department at Falls River Square strives to help you create the sort of content that is built to attract the audience that you’ve always wanted.

Visual Design & Copywriting

Graphic Design & Literature

Having attractive, meaningful creative is the key to standing out in your marketplace. The Marketing Department at Falls River Square strives to build the world’s greatest dedicated team of designers and copywriters, so that they can deliver powerful, on-target creative to you every single day.

TV, Radio, and Print Advertising


We live in a world of advertisement. Ads are varied and diverse, but they all strive to raise awareness of your brand. Getting the attention of consumers in such a ad-saturated market is no easy feat. Let the Marketing Department Akron make sure that your audeince demands the attention of your audience so that you can get the return on investment you deserve for your advertising budget.

Web Development

website development

Your website is your ambassador to the digital market. Having a good website can make or break your relationship with a potential client, so it is of the utmost importance to make sure that they have a fantastic experience. The Marketing Department at Falls River Square will help you understand the needs of your online market, and how to best reach that audience. We strive to develop websites that live up to your high standard of business.

Online Marketing – Email Campaigns, SEO, and SEM

digital marketing

Your online presence is an essential part of your brand’s success. Awareness of your brand, and interest in your products and services is key to attracting clients and ensuring your brand’s legitimacy. If you can’t be found when people search for your products online, you are missing out on countless opportunities. The Marketing Department at Falls River Square will make sure that your voice is heard in today’s busy online marketplace.

Social Media Consultation and Management


Social Media is how your brand interacts with your clients. This is where you engage your online clientele, and talk to your audience. It can be incredibly difficult to find the time to be social when you’ve got an entire business to run, so why not let The Marketing Department at Falls River Square give your business the social life it deserves? We strive to help you engage your audience and build a loyal brand following online.

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