So You Want to Start a Blog…

Posted on January 13, 2017

So you’ve decided to start a blog. While that is exciting in itself, you also want your blog to be successful and attract traffic. Whether your blog is a personal blog or for a specific company, it’s important to take a few things into consideration when planning out your blog.

How to Prepare to Blog

Decide what platform you’re going to use

Most people use either WordPress or Blogger. Both are very user-friendly and easy to set up. It really comes down to a matter of preference. Look at both and then decide which you like better. If you’re writing a blog for your employer, this may be set up differently.

Design your layout

There are different options when it comes to setting up your blog. You can pick color schemes as well as the placement of different tools. You can include followers on your page or an about me section. You can also include highlights from other posts on your blog.

Plan posts ahead of time

When you’re first starting out, you need to make sure to plan accordingly. Don’t start out trying to post multiple times a week. This will only lead you to failure. Start off with once a week and build from there. It’s helpful to plan your posts ahead of time, especially at the beginning. This will help you build up posts so you don’t constantly feel like you’re trying to catch up.

Post consistently

Make sure that you post on a consistent basis. It will take some time to build up followers and you don’t want to alienate them by not posting on a schedule. People will stop coming back.

Interact with other bloggers

Interacting with other bloggers will help build up your own. You need to comment and read other blogs if you want people to do the same.

Write well

Take the time to proofread your writing. People will get annoyed if you’re constantly making errors in spelling and grammar or if your posts are simply written poorly.

Respond to comments

When someone comments on your blog, make sure you respond to them. This will help to engage with your audience and show that you care about the people who are reading your blog.

Lastly, the most important thing is to decide what kind of blog you want

When you start a blog, you need to have some sort of angle in mind. What are you going to write about?

Different Topics to Write About

Find what you’re passionate about and run with it

Make sure that no matter what you choose, it’s something that is interesting to you. If you’re not interested in your subject, no one else will be either and you’ll get bored with it.

Post a list

Many people like to read lists, such as the top 10 things to know about something. You can take this and apply it to your passion.

Teach your readers something

How-to posts are also interesting to readers. If you can teach them how to do something interesting, they will keep coming back. Many people enjoy learning different things. Teaching them something will add a lot of value to your blog.

Post a recipe

Recipes are another great way to get people interested in your blog. People often search online for recipes because it can be a lot of fun to make something new. If you have a dietary restriction, you can help others by posting recipes specific to that restriction. There are sure to be others like you out there looking for something new to make.

Tell a personal story

By writing about something personal, your readers will be better able to identify and empathize with you. It personifies your blog and helps you touch others. This can also keep people coming back because they may be going through something similar.

Interviews or features

If you’re writing a business blog, you could write a blog about your boss or another employee. This will also help personify your business and show that there are real people behind it. This will help you engage better with potential customers and better show the culture of your company.

Hold a contest

For your business, you could introduce a contest on your blog. This will also help people become engaged in your blog and your business. It will act as a great way to reward your readers.

Write about upcoming events

If you have events coming up that are connected to your business, feature them on the blog. This might be something that you are hosting or it could also be something that is going on in your specific industry. Featuring conferences or other events will help show others that you are a reliable source of information in your industry.

Once you find what you’re passionate about, the words will flow more easily. If you start by picking a theme that interests you, you can then use the ideas above to vary your posts and make your blog more interesting to your readers.

At TMD at Fall River Square we take blogging so seriously that we include it with all our social media packages. So if you see the value of a blog but just don’t have the time, we can certainly help…without breaking the bank.

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