Velocity For Startups

Give Your Business Velocity In 90 Days.

Now you can launch tailor-made marketing programs long before you ever thought you could with Velocity.

Introducing Velocity powered by The Marketing Department- a selection of robust, cost effective and scalable marketing support tools that are specifically designed to bring your start-up to market, fast.

Velocity comes in multiple package levels: tiered, end-to-end solutions that include everything from basic brand identity, website and print collateral to a 12-month marketing strategy with advanced customer targeting. Velocity also gives you the ability to mix and match, so you get only the marketing tools you need. And, don't forget that the experts at The Marketing Department will be your marketing consultants every step of the way.

If you’re building a company, give your business the Velocity to get there quicker. Contact us to talk about including Velocity into your business plan.