Using Snapchat With Your Business to Make More Profit

Posted on December 12, 2017

Snapchat is all the rage with the upcoming generation and as such that means it’s a great resource to reach a younger demographic for businesses. Currently there are more than 175 million Snapchat users that are active on the app every day. The platform currently has advertising plans for sale which help push marketing towards the demographics a business is trying to reach, similar to buying ad space on Facebook. However, there are also unique ways to generate more customers through content on Snapchat.

How Snapchat Works

Snapchat is a media sharing app, primarily used on smartphones or tablets to upload video, audio and photographic content. It’s basically a platform to share a snapshot of what a person is involved with to the audience that follows them on the application. The key feature is that content can be set on a timer for when it disappears from the app, with nothing staying for more than 24 hours. While the idea of material disappearing from followers quickly after it’s been shared goes against regular advertising norms, the benefit comes from providing exclusive, limited-time content. Although things disappear from the account, they can be re-added from the device’s storage and shared again as often as the user wants.

Getting Noticed

Before anyone can see the information being sent out over Snapchat they must be following the creator of the content. For a business this means leading people towards the Snapchat account by including it on other social media or printing out a Snapcode for the account and putting it in a visible location. Snapcodes are a form of barcode that is created for the account that when photographed or scanned by Snapchat then the associated account is followed. Including a Snapcode in other advertising formats makes it easy for a business to pick up followers.

The Content

For the average user of Snapchat the content they share is likely information about their personal day or content created with the filters built into the program. Snapchat filters add digital changes to the content, like a flower crown on a person’s head, or changing their appearance to look like an anthropomorphic deer, etc. For businesses, filters can be handy because they can create a personalized geofilter that has the company logo, slogans or other material. While the filters aren’t that difficult to make, there are companies that can help create new filters for any business at minimal cost. While it’s helpful to add filters to the content, what’s important is the content itself. Snapchat is an easy way to give customers access to live events they may not be able to attend, or provide looks into behind the scenes areas at events. Posting a clip of people working to keep things running smoothly can show the diligence and work ethic behind a company. Showing a unique tradition or capturing an unstaged moment that may otherwise have been missed can draw the interest of people from wider demographics. Special perks, contests or other promotions can be spread to only those that follow on Snapchat, and the disappearing content adds to the exclusive, limited-time only, aspect of those offers. Launching new products over Snapchat allows customers to see the product rollout before others. If an enthused prospect isn’t following then they will have to wait for announcements in other media to catch up with the people that were on top of it. People like the feeling that they are part of an exclusive club, and Snapchat content generates interest by creating that exclusive environment.


Another aspect of Snapchat that draws people in is the way it can be used to collaborate with influential people. Marketing has offered partnerships with athletes, movie stars, public speakers, artists and other celebrities for as long as advertising has existed. Snapchat is a perfect tool to allow partners in those arenas to add to a business, while the business in turn provides exposure to possible new followers for celebrities in return. One of the most common ways this collaboration is done is with what is called a Snapchat takeover. A takeover is allowing someone else to take the reins of the account for a bit, having them produce content under the business’s name, to meet the goals both parties are looking to achieve. Content creators can change the quality of the product that’s reaching a business’s followers. Having a guest creator put a bit more sparkle than usual into the snaps can generate buzz that the regular operators of the account may not have been able to come up with.

Bringing all of this together can create a marketing storm for any business, increasing outreach, fueling new customers to check out the company and ultimately increasing revenue in the best of ways. It’s time to start using Snapchat now before the tide heads back out and the wave is gone.

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