New Marketing Strategies for the New Year

Posted on December 23, 2016

The holidays are breathing down your neck, and the New Year is ready to start knocking on your door. You’ve probably determined some great personal resolutions that you want to accomplish over the next year to improve your life, but have you thought about creating some resolutions for your business?

This is just as great a time for you to turn over a new, positive leaf for your business as it is for you as a person. Let’s go over some new marketing strategies for the New Year that you can implement for your business.

Start Video Marketing

Video marketing can be a scary thought for many business owners because it’s new to them, and they may worry about what the costs could be to get a decent video created for their business. The good news is that video marketing isn’t something scary, and you really can’t ignore this aspect of marketing. In fact, if you have a business that deals with B2B clients, you cannot afford NOT to use videos for your marketing. A study by Forbes on video marketing is very revealing on this topic. Over 80 percent of executives reported that they are watching more videos online now than they were previous, and 65 percent of the executives surveyed reported that they visited a business’ website after watching a video. You can’t ignore the power of a video.

There is something powerful about visuals for customers, and videos are the ultimate visual tool. Create a game plan for creating your own videos.

  1. Determine what your goal will be for this video. Do you want it to bring brand awareness, inform consumers about a product or service, or talk about something else?
  2. Think about your audience. You need to determine whom this video is going to be targeted towards so that you can focus your attention on making the video and content appealing to them.
  3. Create a story. You want to tell a story with your video content as that will connect better with your audience.
  4. Length matters. How long your video is will determine whether or not a viewer will stick around for the entire thing. The best length for videos is about two to three minutes, and no longer than five. Unless you have something that needs to be longer, stay small.
  5. Write a script. Now that you’ve gone through these first four steps, it’s time to write up a script. You don’t want to miss any of the salient points you want to include, so a script is a good choice. Try to read it over enough that it comes naturally to you rather than just you reading from a script.
  6. Ambiance. You want to ensure that your video has great lighting and sound as nothing can be more of a turnoff to viewers as bad lighting or sound issues. Get your video watched!

There you have it. The best way to tackle your video marketing broken down into easy steps. You can optimize your videos with your search engine optimization efforts by titling it correctly, adding a description, tags, and more. Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t stop at just one video. Still not sure? You can find great services that will help you create your video content to make your efforts more effective.

Change the Way You Market On Facebook

You may already be marketing on Facebook, but there’s a good chance that you’re not using your Facebook marketing as creatively as you should be using it. These steps can help you better target business prospects that are more likely to be qualified candidates to purchase your service or goods.

  1. Target your ideal clients. This means that you need to think about your ideal clients rather than just hoping clients that want your product or service will magically find you. Brainstorm your ideal client, and then from there, you can start thinking of key elements that define them. Use this to create your keywords, so that you’re able to start targeting the people that fit this ideal for your business.
  2. Target Facebook groups by using keywords that are used to describe that particular group, as this will help you to get your ad in front of this particular audience. First, you’ll enter in the first keyword, and then narrow the audience down with another similar keyword.
  3. You can also target people based on their demographics, such as specific companies. This is an especially powerful tool for companies with a B2B focus as it will help you find people that are decision makers for their company.
  4. Use your LinkedIn connections to help you with creating custom offers. You can export your list of connections into Facebook to create a custom audience. This will let you get personal in the way that you create ads for these individuals, and help you connect.

Adjust The Focus of Your Marketing

You may have your marketing scattered across all the different platforms available to you because you don’t want to miss out on customers from any source possible. This could be backfiring on your efforts if you’re not focused just right on your marketing. Take the previous section as an example, you may find that your Facebook marketing wasn’t as optimal as it should be, and this could have occurred because you’re so focused on every platform for your marketing efforts.

At this time, it may be a good idea to focus on evaluating just one marketing avenue first. Once that is running more efficiently to the point where you’re seeing a good return on investment or ROI, you can then turn your attention to focusing on the next. In fact, if you do this right, the profits that are generated from your newly revamped marketing strategy could pay for your next marketing channel and so on. This doesn’t mean you have to stop using all of the social media platforms that your company currently engages your customers and potential customers. This is a great marketing effort that only takes time rather than time and money, but that it can be beneficial to not continue paying for multiple ad campaigns when you don’t have a laser pointed focus.

Your Website

The website is one area that seems like a simple marketing fix. You dress it up with a new theme, new color scheme, or another fix that is much more cosmetic than changing it up completely. You may think that the new site design looks appealing and will attract more new customers to your business, but you’re neglecting the things that draw customers to your website in the first place.

You need to focus first on how your customers are finding you online. This often means changing the content of what your website must say to online searchers. Search engine optimization is key to having your website link pop up higher in search engines which get the click. The search engine is going to be what gets someone onto your nice and new website design. Having keywords, great content, and reliable information is what will attract people to your website. A nice-looking website that makes it easy for them to find the information that they need is going to help keep them on your website.

Therefore, the new year is a great time to change the way you use your website to market for your business. Start by beefing up on the content that is offered by your website. Think about what you look for when you visit a website. Do you leave a site if the information that you want is not right there for you to access easily, but you must dig around the website to find it? Do you get disgruntled if you must contact the company for the information you want rather than finding it easily? Keep these in mind when you create your content. Then, you can go about making your website pop visually for users to make it more inviting.

These four areas should give you a good starting point for ways to change up your marketing efforts for the better in this new year. Your marketing strategy needs to be on point for the upcoming year to continue getting the leads that you need to sell your product or service. The way that consumers interact with your marketing continues to evolve and change, so that means you need to start evolving with them. Don’t be afraid of video marketing. Start being more effective with your Facebook advertising efforts. Adjust the focus of your marketing strategy to delineate it better. Stop throwing money away on making an ineffective website look better as you need to start making it attract more leads for profits before making it look nicer. Challenge all the things that you currently do with your marketing strategy to ensure that you cut away the things that aren’t contributing and start adding things that will. Not all of these strategies are something that you’ll want to add to your New Year marketing strategy resolutions, but they are a good place to start rethinking how you do things.

Consider us a resource when planning and strategizing. We love nothing more than sitting down with fellow business owners and talking shop. Give us a buzz, message us on social media, or swing by the office for a cup of coffee.

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