Facebook Zero?

Posted on January 28, 2018

Facebook is dead for businesses?

On January 11th, Facebook announced

“You’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard—it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.”


The internet has gone crazy about this big algorithm change announcement in the last few weeks. No more organic reach for business pages? Sounds ominous right?

Well, maybe not so much.

Maybe it’s what needed to happen.

Truth is your organic impressions and reach were already awful. Think about what you personally like to see in your newsfeed. It probably isn’t a ton of self-serving post from businesses that you don’t truly care about.
Facebook is doing the right thing here. It’s a correction that needed to happen before the user base potentially migrates to the next big thing…
So, what do we do about it?
Remember the key phrase from the announcement is “meaningful interactions”. Isn’t that what we should be doing anyway?

Here are our predictions and suggestions.

#1 Impressions now become more of a “thing”

Soft metrics (specifically impressions) have been a pretty meaningless number that at least sounded good when other metrics did not. We certainly look at impressions if one of the main goals is top-level awareness. So where do we find those impressions that we will now lose?

#2 Reevaluate platforms and messaging

The first step is to audit your vehicles for communicating your messaging.
Is your audience there?
Can we get to them?
Does the messaging match the channel?
It becomes more important to diversify your channels of communication.
For example, since Facebook wants to see more conversational (2-way) and engaging content, perhaps our broadcast-type posts are better suited for email. Are you using email effectively now? What about Messenger? Messenger is aiming to be the new email and perhaps that is part of Facebook’s agenda with this entire initiative. It’s also time to reevaluate your LinkedIn strategy. LinkedIn is becoming more and more relevant and remains the largest database of business owners. Learn how to use it or hire someone that does. Think of it as a giant, ongoing, virtual networking event where everyone wears very detailed nametags. Sound like somewhere you should be?

#3 Multichannel retargeting

Pump the brakes.
Multi-channel what?

Think of it this way. If reach is limited on one platform and we know that we can share our message to the same people on another platform… why wouldn’t we?
Remember that fancy pair of boots that you saw on Amazon on Black Friday? Remember how those boots stalked you for the next month online? They showed up in your Facebook newsfeed and in display ads on sites that you visited. Maybe you even clicked on them again and maybe you eventually purchased them!

Three things to learn from that…

  • Amazon wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work
  • That’s not just for big players like Amazon. We have access to the same technology.
  • Strategy > Tactics. It’s even more important now than ever to combine all our tactics (like platforms channels and resources) into an integrated strategy

#4 Pay to play

We must do it. But… we should want to!

Paying for your message placement allows you to access specific, targeted audiences like your website visitors, folks that have watched your videos, and read your blogs. We even can create audiences of prospects that are exactly like our customers! Isn’t it way more strategic to stay in front of our most engaged prospects?

#5 Have fun and be social!!

This last one isn’t anything new, but maybe more folks are finally ready to hear it now.

Have fun!

It’s called social media.
It’s not called hit-me-over-the-head-with-your-horrible-sales-pitch-of-something I-don’t-need media.

There’s a reason that travel pictures, animals, practical life hacks, and food were the most shared and liked content of 2017. Notice that your business did not make that list. We need to listen to that information and stop taking ourselves so seriously on social. Have fun with it and let your business be worth following and engaging with.

Now is a great to time to evaluate your overall digital presence. Want some help with email and newsletter, social media, or even your reporting and analytics? That’s sort of what we do :).

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